Name Development

Find the details on how we help develop brand names





It begins from here...


It begins from the very first contact you make with us through your preferred channel (Phone Calls, Emails or Meetings). We discuss extensively about your project and how best we can help you achieve your branding needs. All questions are answered by our naming experts and we get the opportunity to understand your business further. The more inputs you are able to provide, the better the preliminary research for the project.

All information received, remain strictly confidential as we never share your ideas or messages with third parties. Be rest assured that we want to help you achieve success in your business. Furthermore, we have no intention of using your emails or phone numbers for any promotional activity.

We’re excited to learn more about your project & develop a proposal that meets your needs. 

Schedule an appointment with us today through any of your preferred channel & we will respond immediately.




During this phase, our team of experts meet to discuss extensively on your project using design thinking otherwise known as ideation. We utilize best naming practices to highlight your company’s best qualities and develop a unique brand identity that makes your business standout.
During this phase, all inputs  and information you provided during consultation would be used. Lots of ideas are generated, thereby creating a clear, concise, and compelling brand identity that outshines your competition.



What is the Screening Process?

Having carefully analyzed each  name, we check to see if your desired brand name:

  • Meets and fits into your vision, mission & goal?
  • Does it relate well with the product or services you provide?
  • Is it easy to say and spell?
  • Would your customers recall it?
  • Does it have the potential to become a household name?
  • Is it unique in its category?

The best name-candidates from each naming concept is screened for domain availability and trademark pre-screening. The top names of the lot is shortlisted and goes on the final screening list.



Selecting the winning name
During the final presentation, we schedule a meeting with you via your preferred channel and then present you with the most desirable and most suitable names along with appropriate rationales and recommendations for each name. 

You will see the final results and appreciate all efforts from our team. Each presented name should be awesome enough to be your final business name.

What else do you get?

A post-delivery discussion to help you finalize a name or a revision session, in case you are not able to finalize a name.

With your preferred brand name, this is the start of something new. Provide feedbacks and recommend our agency to corporate organizations, startups, founders, entrepreneurs, NGOs, friends, colleagues and family who would be needing any of our services.