What we can do...

Business Name Base LLC, can submit a purchase offer on your behalf to the current domain owner or organization directly, relieving you of the burden of negotiations. When we submit purchase offers or request for our clients or any organizations we represent, they receive regular status updates and can be involved in the negotiations too. We help clients enquire about their desired brand name, domain name or premium web address. We can help you acquire a valuable domain name that will increase exposure, credibility, & authority and own high quality domains that make excellent brands or drive type-in traffic to existing businesses or startups.

What you should know...

Acquiring the very brand name, domain or internet web address you need is not as easy as it sounds. You need to entrust the assignment to those skilled and experienced in it. We help you obtain the desired domain or web address you want and need. Whether the domain is already registered and owned, subject to special regulations, or restricted in some way, our experts can help you secure your preferred domain name around the globe. We help you purchase the domain name or web address that has already been registered by someone else or an organization anonymously. Let’s communicate on your behalf without revealing your identity.

What information we share...

When we submit purchase offers anonymously, we guarantee that your desired domain name or web address would be available at the best price. With our service, your identity remains undisclosed, keeping the price as low as possible. An NDA document may be signed by all parties facilitating the transaction to keep every detail private and undisclosed

How it works...?


Contact us now through call or email to help you secure your desired domain name, web address or brand name. If you have further questions, reach out to us, we are here to help. Everything you share with us is highly sensitive and we never share your ideas, messages or information with third parties. Be rest assured that we want to help you achieve success in your business venture. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our team will draft and send a purchase inquiry letter for the domain by email to the current owner or the organization that owns the domain name or web address. Our foreign branches and acquisition experts act as prospective buyers to avoid revealing your organization’s identity or interest. We will also ensure that we are getting your domain at the best price.


Upon successful negotiation, the exchange of purchase price and domain will be handled by a trustee or escrow agent. We will then use a Whois Proxy Service to transfer the domain over to you or your organization. Buyer identity protection can remain after purchase and transfer of the domain.